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Here is the full set of Darrell’s teaching on the ‘POWER OF JOY’  This set is a complete Nine audio file in on ZIP file.  Zip files can be ‘unzipped’ on computers with ease but please be patient as it is a 458 MB file that may take a while to download.  If you have problems, please use the contact form below to send an email and we will try to get you files another way.



Class Sessions On Mp3 CD (9 MP3 files in one Zip file)

  1. Joy 101 (Rhythm of joy & quiet, tips for creating joy, etc.)
  2. Joy Based recovery – (Suffering, Trauma, Maturity & Recovery -explanation of “joy capacity” and how trauma and lack of maturity diminish our capacity)
  3. Fast Tracking With Jesus (Immanuel Prayer Journaling)
  4. The Brain 101 (5 level structure of the brain & relational circuits)
  5.  Our Relational Circuits Part 1)
    5.2 – Our Relational Circuits Part 2)
  6. The Problem of unprocessed Pain
  7. The Verbal Logical Explainer – the VLE (From Dr. Karl Lehman’s Outsmarting Yourself)
  8. Growing Up (Using the Life Model’s “Five Stages Of Maturity.”)

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