Attachment & Maturity

Darrell Brazell of New Hope Recovery Ministries presented an 8 week class on Maturity using the Life Model’s five stages of life paradigm. Class content comes from Dr. Jim Wilder and the Life Model materials as well as personal experience and other valuable resources such as Maribeth Poole and Dr. Daniel Siegel.

What you can expect

  • Teaching on both the needs and the tasks of each stage of maturity: Infant, Child, Adult, Parent and Elder
  • Practical illustrations for understanding each stage as well as ways to learn the tasks and grow in personal maturity
  • Opportunities to share with others in small group exercises to learn new skills for maturity
  • Introduction to recovery materials designed to help grow secure attachments and aid in the maturity process


The audio recordings (MP3’s), along with the class notes and PowerPoint slides are now available for purchase for $25.

You can purchase by CLICKING HERE to be taken to the purchase page.

You will then be directed to a download link page where you can find the audio recording from the class, the class notes, and the PowerPoint notes that Darrell used in class.