One of Darrell’s favorite things to do is his Immanuel Prayer Mentoring groups. In these groups, he takes a group of eight people through two days of facilitated Immanuel Prayer sessions. Darrell leads each individual through their own personal session while the others in the group observe and pray for the individual receiving prayer. Between sessions Darrell discusses with the group how the session unfolded, reasons he asked certain questions, etc. Observers have an opportunity to share with the participant things they sensed, heard and saw during the session as well as asking Darrell questions about the process.

We have found this community context to be very powerful for helping individuals find connections with Jesus and often to go deeper than they have ever gone before. Darrell has done this with group members who hardly knew one another beforehand as well as with groups that were already established. Regardless, by the end of the second day, the sense of community and deep connections between participants is powerful. We have seen the facilitated sessions done in this group context to be even more powerful and significant than individual sessions and believe it is because of the individual drawing off the group capacity and of course because they have seven other people praying for them.

Below is a clip from one of Darrell’s previous sessions.  Huge thanks to Bonnie for letting us put it up here.

Darrell is leading a group January 11-12 in Lawrence, KS. If you would like to be part of this group, you can register for it by going to our store page and either paying a deposit or the full suggested donation amount of $150.

If you are interested in being part of a future group or if you have a group you would like for Darrell to lead, please contact us via the link below.

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