Darrell spends the first three sessions describing the critical role attachment plays in our lives, learning how to identify our different attachment models as well as things we can do to directly address our attachment struggles. The last two sessions unpack a few of the 19 brain skills from Chris Coursey’s new book: Transforming Fellowship that gives explanations and examples of what each skill looks like, what the lack of the skill looks like, and how we can gain the skill remedially if we didn’t get it in childhood.

While having attended or listened to Darrell’s Power of Joy & Maturity Classes would be helpful (and highly recommended) this class will stand on its own as Darrell makes the material understandable regardless of previous experience.

Week 1 Attachment Overview

Week 2 Attachment Pain

Week 3 Dismissive Attachment

Week 4 Distracted Attachment

Week 5 Disorganized Attachment

Week 6 Attachment Wrap Up

Week 7 Brain Skill 8 “Identifying Maturity Levels”

Week 8 Returning To Joy From Shame

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